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Proxy Server List

What is a proxy server? Why are people looking for proxy server lists? A proxy server is a type of server that acts as a go between or intermediary when requests are made for resources from other connected servers.



Basically, a client will connect to a proxy server when it needs a connection, a file, or a web page from a different server altogether. The proxy server will then evaluate that particular request, may filter results by protocol or IP addresses, and will then make the connection on the behalf of the client who is requesting the service.

A good example of a proxy server would be wireless internet you connect to at some businesses or coffee houses.

These proxy servers act as intermediaries that filter information based on their own set of procedures, and then make the connection to the internet for the information on behalf of the client.

Proxy servers are useful for several different purposes, and in turn, people are scouring the net looking for anonymouse, free proxy server lists.

  • proxy server listsFor one, they keep machines operating behind them basically anonymous, which can help for security reasons.

  • Two, they can speed up the access to some types of resources.
  • Three, they can log or audit the usage of the service.
  • Four, they can be used to block undesired sites, such as to comply with a company‚Äôs viewing policies, etc.
  • They can also be used to bypass security or parental controls, to scan content that is outbound for data leakage, or to scan content for malware.

Some proxies do not modify requests or replies at all. These types of proxy servers are usually referred to as gateways or tunneling proxies. There are also reverse proxies that are used as front end controls and for other tasks. 



There are many different types of proxy servers, and they are in wide use for a wide variety of functions. Mostly, these servers help to modify and filter web content, as in the case with businesses offering free wifi or companies that offer it for employee use.



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